Coming in July 2022: Mercy, a New Novel by Bill Littlefield

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Advanced Praise for Mercy:

“In clear prose and crisp dialogue, Bill Littlefield deftly explores the themes of life and death, love and betrayal, family and forgiveness. We should all have mercy in our hearts and Mercy on our bookshelves.”

-Jim Hirsch, author of Hurricane: The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter, and Willie Mays: The Life, The Legend

All right, there’s this old mob boss named Arthur Baladino. And there are a couple of low-level mob guys named Gibby and Francis. And a young woman named Susu Evinrude, and maybe she has a gun in her purse and…hooked yet? Littlefield is a master at his craft.”

-Leigh Montville, best-selling author of Tall Men, Short Shorts and Sting Like A Bee: Muhammad Ali vs. The United States of America, 1966-1971

Bill Littlefield has long been one of America’s quintessential raconteurs. With Mercy, that reputation grows beyond the sports narratives that he has enchanted us with for so many years, and plunges into a most human story, one that asks us to have empathy and appreciation for those who travel with us, whether as family, as friends, or just people we pass on the street.”

-Amy Bass, Emmy-award winning writer whose most recent book is One Goal

“Everyone has a story, and Bill Littlefield both knows how to listen to those stories and how to tell them with astonishing skill. I think all readers will recognize the neighborhood he has created in Mercy, finding in the commonplace the shared wisdom and simple compassion that unites us all. Mercy is a book I’m already looking forward to reading again.”

-Glenn Stout, author most recently of Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid and long the editor of Houghton Mifflin’s Best American Sports Writing

Crackling with energy, and quick with life, MERCY hooks us from the start, and surprises us all the way. But its real surprise lies in its wisdom: this book has much to tell us about life, and what it’s really like. Written by a man who knows about a lot more than baseball, it is a wonder and a pleasure.”

-Gish Jen, best-selling author of The Resisters and various other celebrated novels