About Me

I'm a retired radio host, writer, teacher, and public speaker.

I’m a retired radio host who has written nine books, seven of which have been published. For 34 years I wrote and voice commentaries for WBUR and NPR; for 25 of those years I also hosted “Only A Game,” NPR’s weekly sports magazine program. Three of the books I’ve written, The Circus in the Woods, Champions, and Take Me Out, have been meant for young readers.

Image from Who Taught That Mouse To Write?

Now I write whatever I want to write, which has been great fun. In retirement, I decided to write a piece of doggerel a day about an animal. Illustrator Steve Coren has created charming illustrations to accompany them. You can see excerpts on my Medium page

I've also written two as-yet-unpublished novels—one that centers on a true story about a shooting that injured members of a college basketball team, and another that is inspired by my time teaching in prison and centers on the theme of mercy.

I am an experienced public speaker. (My wife says she’s pretty sure I’ve spoken at every library in Massachusetts.) Beyond that, having spent 34 years in radio, I have a recognizable voice for audiobooks and podcasts.